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    5 Foods to Avoid this Monsoon Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy

    For a large number of people monsoons are about having those pakodas and garam chais. But, if you have the slightest thought of having these things during monsoon then you must stop right there. There can be absolutely no doubt that the showers might be give great relief from the scorching heat but they might also be the cause of occasional flu and different infections. Therefore, it is necessary that you arm yourself against different infections in order to make the most out of the lovely monsoon season. There are some foods that you need to avoid during the monsoons while there are some that you can munch up. We will have a look at both these varieties of foods below:

    Foods that You Need to Avoid during the Monsoons

    The foods that you need to avoid during the monsoons include:

    Leafy Vegetables

    This might seem weird as throughout our lives we are told to have leafy greens because of the amazing health benefits that they offer. However, they are best to be avoided during the monsoons. The dampness and the grime present in leafy vegetables makes them one of the greatest sources of germs. Therefore, you must completely avoid vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage and spinach during the monsoon season.

    Fresh Fruits and Juice from the Roadside Vendors

    Fresh fruit and juice items from the roadside vendors are long exposed to monsoon air and therefore they need to be completely avoided. Instead, you must try and have fresh fruit juices prepared at home. However, it is important that you consume these juices instantly as they can easily come into the direct contact of contaminated air.

    Sea Food

    Monsoon serves as the breeding season for prawns and fish and therefore it is best to avoid sea food during the monsoons. You must rather try having mutton and chicken for satiating your craving for non-veg food items.

    Fried Food

    The next important variety of food that you need to avoid is fried food. This is because the monsoon weather is highly humid resulting in the slowing down of the digestion procedure. Thus, fried foods like pakodas, kachodis and samosas might cause various gastronomical problems such as stomach upset and bloating. You must also avoid salty food as they result in water retention.

    Fizzy Drinks

    Fizzy drinks are not good for the body especially during the monsoon season because they result in the reduction of minerals within the human body. They are also not good for people with weak digestive systems.

    Foods that You Need to Take during the Monsoon Season

    In order to enjoy the monsoon season at its best, there are some foods that you can always take. These include south Indian delicacies like idli and dosa made from the best idli dosa batter. You must always try to have light meals and including idli and dosa in your everyday diet pattern can help you in avoiding infections during the monsoon season. One of the most important things that you need to keep in mind is keeping the body hydrated. Drink water in good quantity in order to remain healthy.

    Finally, you should not get lazy and keep up with your exercises properly and regularly. This will help you in staying away from extra moisture and harmful bacteria.