• Rishta

    7 Reasons Why Junk Foods Win Over the Healthy Foods

    What will you like to have a bowl of fruits or a cheesy pizza? The war between junk foods and healthy foods are years long but when it comes to eating we do always start with something healthy and end up with the junk food. In no way, it is not true that we are not concerned with the effect of the junk foods still we are drawn more towards it.

    What are junk foods? Junk foods are the processed foods that contain a very less nutritional value. Usually, these types of foods are full of calories and high in fats, sugar and salt. Junks foods are categorized into vast food groups that may include chips, chocolates, baked foods, biscuits and much more. Fast foods also fall into the category of the junk foods. This types of foods are enjoyed by all age groups and also enhances crave to consume more.

    Junk foods are unhealthy, there is no other opinion on it but still, people carve for it. We can resist our thoughts of eating the junk foods but I do wonder that how many of you succeed in the attempt? I do think very little.

    Here are some reasons why we prefer to have the junk foods over the healthy diet;

    1. Junk foods taste great and do satisfy our taste buds. The processed foods are prepared in the way that they give pleasure to the person eating it up.
    2. Junk foods are easily available in the market. When you are hungry or just want to eat something for satisfying your taste buds, you can easily get the junk foods.
    3. Eating the junk foods only needs a couple of minutes to eat. So, whenever you are running out of time or very hungry, you carve towards the junk foods.
    4. Junk foods like the cold drinks embrace your thirst.
    5. While chilling out with friends or in the parties, junk foods act as the perfect mood maker.
    6. Chips, chocolates and cakes (which fall in the junk foods category) are often the choices made while sitting alone or watching the cinema or with friends.
    7. Are you feeling anxiety and stress? There is a need for increased energy making you hungry. Most of the people prefer to have junk foods in this condition which acts positively in the human brain and helping them to get calm down.

    The wish of maintaining a healthy food routine often remains our desire when junk foods are in front. Though we are well aware, about the harm, that junk foods make to us.