• Rice bran oil

    Amazing Facts About Rice Bran Oil

    Rice bran oil is considered to be a wonderful alternative to all the oils that we consume through our food intake. In fact it has a number of benefits related to your health, when it comes to rice bran oil. Lowering cholesterol, boosting the immune system, preventing cancer, helping weight loss, relieving menopausal symptoms, protecting the heart, increasing cognitive strength, stops premature aging, as well as, lowering allergic reactions are a few of the benefits of rice bran oil.

    Extracted from the husk of rice kernels, rice bran oil is becoming a rapidly popular vegetable oil across the world including India. Rice bran oil has a quite high smoking point, hence used in high temperature cooking like frying. To add to all these advantages there is also the point of being cost effective. It’s low price combined with all its health benefits makes it a popular item to be used in cooking throughout the world.

    It’s composition is quite similar to that of peanut oil. It is widely acclaimed for the high amount of vitamin E in it along with an ideal fatty acid balance, antioxidant capacity & cholesterol-lowering abilities. It is also very high in fiber, which can help one in improving digestion. However due to this very same reason it is not recommended for people suffering from gastrointestinal tract condition, ulcer or any other issue which narrows one’s digestive tract for any reason. Like everything else, it should also be used in moderation in cooking items.