• gram flour nutrition

    Gram flour (Besan) Nutrition Facts You May Not Know

    Besan, also known as gram flour or chickpea flour, whose nutrition level is a very high and thus a very common Indian cooking ingredient. We can make various types of dishes like sev, bonda, dhokla, c [...]

  • Idli Dosa batter

    Know The Idli Dosa Batter Proportion for Soft Idli & Crisp Dosa

    Idli and Dosa, are two of the most relished Indian dishes of all time. These are the native cuisines of South India, but they have gained fame globally for their rich flavors and health factors. Peopl [...]

  • Healthy breakfast idea

    6 Healthy & Easy Indian Breakfast Ideas for your Busy Mornings

    In this particular blog, we will be talking about the meal most often skipped and how can you make it something to look forward to with Rishta products. Breakfast is often considered as the most impor [...]


    Masala uttapam with idli dosa batter When you are tired of having idlis add a tinge of masala and use the same idli batter to cook masala uttapam. With ready-made idli dosa batter masala uttapams are [...]

  • Vegetable Handva Recipe with Idli Batter | Recipe with Idli Batter | Recipe with Readymade Idli Batter

    These days we are getting more health conscious and there’s an urge in people to quit junk food. However such is the time constraint that we are hardly left with any time to pack healthy lunch to of [...]

  • Sugar-free Sweets Recipe for Diwali| Oats and Dates Gunjiya Recipe

    Diwali is a festival of lights, fun and food. On this particular day people invite friends and relative at home, exchange gifts and the host throws a grand feast where sweets are a must have. The swee [...]

  • Rava Ladoo Recipe | Diwali Ladoo Recipe | Diwali Sweets recipe

    We celebrate Diwali to honour Lord Ram who is believed to have return home after 14 returns of exile. In order to welcome the prince and celebrate his victory, the entire kingdom was lit with diyas an [...]

  • Mallige Idli | Mallige Idli Preparation Recipe | Readymade Idli Batter for Mallige Idli | Readymade Rishta Idli-Dosa Batter Mix

    Round, white and soft eatables served with sambar and chutney at the dining table is a thing of delight both for the gut and to the taste buds. What are these fluffy things that are easy to cook and d [...]

  • Mysore Masala Dosa Recipe | Mysore Dosa | Mysore Masala Dosa | Instant Idli Batter | Readymade Idli And Dosa Mix

    Idli and dosa are very much indigenous to south Indian cuisine however, they are famous worldwide. There are a number of variations of this south Indian cuisine each savored for its own idiosyncratic [...]

  • Durga Puja Bhog Recipe | Bhoger Khichudi Recipe | Beguni Recipe | Nolen gurer Payesh Recipe | Labra Recipe

    The month of September and October heralds the onset of Durga Puja every year. The atmosphere is filled with the sweet intoxicating smell of Alstonia and shiuli that infuses the joy of puja and winter [...]

  • Navratri Kanya Puja Recipe| Halwa Chana Puri Recipe for Kanya Puja| Halwa Puri Recipe for Kanya Pujan

    Navaratri is round the corner and the Hindu’s all over India would be celebrating the festival with great enthusiasm. There are very many highlights of the festival that fills our hearts with mirth. [...]

  • Now Pizzas are Healthy Too | Uttapam Pizza | Uttapam Recipe | Pizza Recipe

    Are you a mom who wants her child to eat healthy but your little one is always snacking over outside unhealthy pizza? No reasons to worry! Rishta introduces a healthy food which your child will love t [...]

  • Benefits of Besan | Health Benefits of Besan | Besan ki Sabzi

    Besan or gram flour is a gluten free protein rich source of food that is packed with health benefits. Infact with besan you can indulge in snacking without guilt. We encourage you to have sacks but ch [...]

  • Vishwakarma Puja Special Bhog| Bhoger Khichuri| Moong Dal Khichdi| Grofers Rishta Food Products

    Come 17th September in the calendar and it marks the day of Vishwakarma Puja.  A day when artisans , craftsmen, factory workers, blacksmiths, carpenters , engineers  and people from all most all wal [...]

  • Ganesh Chaturthi Sweet Recipes| Modak Banane ki Recipe| Boondi ke Ladoo banane ki Recipe

    Entire India is in a celebration spree for Ganesh Chaturthi that will be celebrated on 13th September this year.  Ganesha – the lord of new things, wisdom, intelligence and the remover of obstacles [...]

  • Celebrate Janamashtami Feast with Rishta Food Products

    On Janamashtami the entire India and people around the world will be celebrating Krishna’s birthday with great pomp and enthusiasm. Devotees across the globe take up different activities to indulge [...]

  • Independence Day Party with Rishta

    We all celebrated friendship day few days ago and Independence Day is around the corner this month. Many schools and offices remain closed on this day so this calls for an occasion to celebrate indepe [...]

  • Rishta Basmati Rice

    Apart from the empire’s invasions, the Mughals are also known for their lavish cuisine prepared from rice and grilled meats. Biryani is historically associated with the Mughal Empire and is believed [...]

  • Pairup Pakodas with Chai This Monsoon

    The Monsoon season in India brings along with it a plethora of nostalgic feelings and food cravings that one can purely associate with rain. The sound of rain outside the window, some old song playing [...]

  • Office lunch

    Healthy Office Lunch Ideas

    It’s a busy week day and one meeting after another is lined up in a row. The day goes busy as expected and in the noon your stomach starts grumbling. It’s lunch time and you need to grab something [...]

  • Home made dosa

    Mouth-watering Homemade Dosa You Should Never Miss

    We all have heard of dosa and had this south Indian delicacy once in our life time. While dosa is generally made from a batter of rice and urad you can make your own batter by using different variants [...]

  • idli dosa batter

    Healthy & Hygienic Rishta Idli Dosa Batter

    Aah! The temperature is soaring high in the city at this time and with the rising mercury is rising the number of germs in warmer conditions. To keep a check from getting infection in this weather mai [...]

  • Rishta

    Healthy Uttapam with instant carrot mix

    If you are confused what’s between a dosa and an uttapam, then let me tell you that you can consider uttapam as a fat cousin of dosa. What makes the Uttapam fat? Well not the fat but healthy and tas [...]

  • Crispy dosa

    Start Off Your Day with a Cool Stomach

    Ah! Darn it, its summer again! If you share the same emotion about summer as found in our country, I or for that matter anyone else, can only wholeheartedly agree with you. In order to fight it out th [...]

  • Mustard oil

    Some foods taste good when cooked in Rishta Mustard oil

    The moment we talk about mustard it takes us to lush green mustard fields shining with golden mustard flowers much alike in one of the songs of the famous Bollywood movie DDLJ. The role of mustard in [...]

  • Rishta products

    What’s on the platter this Baisakhi

    Baisakhi is round the corner and all Indians are slowly and gradually gearing up for the yearly celebrations. The season of harvest is celebrated for all things ripe and full in nature. Sweets mark ce [...]

  • Atte ka Halwa

    Atte ka Halwa

    Navratri has started this year and will continue for 9 consecutive days . Navaratri falls twice every year; once is Chaitra or Vasant Navratri and the one is Sharad Navratri. The festival of Goddess D [...]

  • Besan Chillas for Breakfast

    Besan Chillas for Breakfast

    Standing in 2018 we are trying to manage time for breakfast before starting a day of super packed schedule. Most of the families being nuclear families these days, one has to manage all work all by hi [...]

  • Multi-grain Atta

    Multi-grain Atta

    What is Multi-Grain? The name ‘multi-grain’ itself implies more than one grain. A mixture of grains like barley, millet, flax and oats, as well as certain seeds, such as flaxseed, quinoa or sunflo [...]

  • dosa batter

    Idli Healthy Tasty Vegetarian Diet Food

    Idli along with Dosa forms the staple diet of millions of people in South India. But it is surprising to note that few people are aware of the Idli diet. Though indeed the diet does not classify as a [...]

  • Kuttu Ka Dosa

    Kuttu Ka Dosa

    Dosa is an incredible dish. Its ingredients have no limitation. Be it wheat flour, oats, or buckwheat flours, one thing never changes- Its taste. It tastes delicious every time. Now Kuttu Dosa is what [...]

  • Soya Dosa

    Flavor of simplicity

    We often look around to try something different. But often we forget that best taste lies in simple food. South India offers variety of healthy dishes, but its real flavor is confined in its simple de [...]

  • Healthy Rice Bran Oil

    What Makes Rice Bran Oil Healthy

    Still jittery about which cooking oil is healthiest for your family? How do you decide if the oil that you use in cooking adds on to your healthy living? Do you research about its health effects prior [...]

  • Mysore Masala Dosa

    Mysore Masala Dosa- A Royal Taste Of Health

    South India has no dearth of healthy recipes. And when it comes to dosa, they offer a wide variety.  Mysore masala dosa is a crisp layered dosa with lip smacking potato stuffing inside. And like all [...]

  • healthy way to have dosa

    A healthy way to have dosa

    South Indian delicacies are very healthy on its own. But when you add oats into it; it increases its health quotient. Unlike rice dosa, oats dosa takes very little time to be prepared without any exce [...]

  • Godhuma Dosai

    Godhuma Dosai – The Next Morning Breakfast

    South Indian delicacies are one of the healthiest dishes in the country. Dosa, a household name, when paired with wheat becomes supremely tasty. Wheat grains are referred as Godhumai. So wheat Dosa is [...]

  • Ragi Dosa

    15 Minutes to Ragi Dosa

    One of the most staple foods in South Indian states is Ragi. It is the key ingredient for endless tasty and healthy recipes.  Ragi Dosa is one of the most popular breakfast recipes in Karnataka. This [...]

  • Dosa Batter

    Dosa With A Tinge Of Twist

    Among the healthiest Indian breakfast recipes, Idli and Dosa tops the list. The preparation requires minimal oil and minimal ingredients processing. Instant Dosa prepared with protein rich green moong [...]

  • Rava dosa

    Simply Rice Batter Dosa

    When the craving to have a South Indian cuisine is piquing but the fermented dosa batter can’t be prepared, Neer dosa is the best option that comes to the mind. Neer comes from the word, “water” [...]

  • idli

    Change for Batter

    The benefits of oats as you may know is significant. Couple oats with Urad Dal, aka Black Gram which is rich in dietary fibres, vitamin, and minerals especially potassium, iron and magnesium. Urad Dal [...]

  • Tips for preparing Fermented Idli Batter In Winter

    Winters are knocking at the door and who wants to step outside in the cold to satiate food craving. There’s a way to meet your hunger even without stepping out of home. For instance, if you want to [...]

  • Have you added Idli to my favorite fermented food?

    Did you know that 80% of our immune system resides in the walls of the intestines? Apart from aiding digestion, the lactic acid bacteria present in fermented foods also alter the PH balance in the int [...]

  • healthy Food

    Top Healthy Food for Quick Weight Loss

    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Often this saying goes overlooked even though it is true. The modern life and its hectic schedule, usually lead people to ignore breakfast. However, yo [...]

  • Rishta Healthy Food

    Healthy Eating for Healthy Living

    Today, human beings are more concern about their health than a few years back. In a conversation with the young generation of today, the concern about being living a healthy life is revealed clearly. [...]

  • Rishta

    7 Reasons Why Junk Foods Win Over the Healthy Foods

    What will you like to have a bowl of fruits or a cheesy pizza? The war between junk foods and healthy foods are years long but when it comes to eating we do always start with something healthy and end [...]

  • Sooji pizza

    Making Yummy Sooji Pizza

    There will be hardly any Indian who is not familiar with the Indian dish sooji ka halwa. This popular Indian sweet dish is loved by most of the habitat and had successfully made its position in ever [...]

  • Rishta Food Products

    It’s Time for Rice Pudding

    It is hard to find anyone in India who is not accustomed to the term rice. Though considered as the staple food of India, rice is famous all over the world especially if you had managed to travel to J [...]

  • Rishta Healthy Food Products

    What are you Deep Frying Today?

    Which cooking oil are you using? This question has become much popular in recent years. The simple reason being humans have become more concern about their health and fitness. They are more concern wi [...]

  • Rishta rice

    Cooking Simple with Rice

    Rishta basmati rice Rice, the most versatile food ingredient, is being used in every kitchen worldwide. From stir fry dishes to dessert, rice is used cook a number of dishes that can be a main dish or [...]

  • Rishta besan

    Go Batters with Besan

    Do you have to think every morning on your breakfast menu? If yes then this article can be of your help. A large number of food ingredients are available in the market but today we will be talking abo [...]