• Mustard oil

    Some foods taste good when cooked in Rishta Mustard oil

    The moment we talk about mustard it takes us to lush green mustard fields shining with golden mustard flowers much alike in one of the songs of the famous Bollywood movie DDLJ. The role of mustard in an Indian’s heart goes far beyond and outside the celluloid screen. It occupies a place of high esteem in an Indian kitchen that directly connects to a food lover’s heart. No matter how many new oil or oil brands find a place in the supermarket shelf, mustard oil is ubiquitously present.

    Some foods taste perfect with just mustard oil. No matter where you go, the connection with this oil is such that you would even end up looking for mustard oil at Walmart in the States. Let’s consider Aloo Sabzi for instance. Mustard oil can make the most ordinary food into a most extraordinary mouth-watering experience. Pair the potatoes with dried red chilies and adequate amount of mustard oil. The pungent flavour of the oil makes it the star of the dish. The taste and smell of the mustard oil gives you a flavour of India no matter how many miles away you are from India.

    There are many Mustard oil brands that supply good quality mustard oil both in India and abroad. Rishta Mustard Oil being one of them. Incorporating Rishta Mustard Oil in your diet may help you protect against heart disease. The oil is rich in health benefits and believed to work as an antibacterial agent when taken both internally and externally. To fight bacterial infections in the colon, intestines and other parts of the digestive tract switch to Rishta Mustard Oil. What we eat helps to nourish our body, hair and skin. Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, Rishta Mustard oil when consumed may help to grow healthy hair.

    A common diet staple in places like India and Bangladesh, its popularity is spreading beyond these countries.  For centuries Mustard oil has been used as a food additive, to cure many ailments. Prepared from crushed or pressed mustard seeds Rishta Mustard Oil is easy to find at most Indian grocery stores.