• Ganesh Chaturthi Sweet Recipes| Modak Banane ki Recipe| Boondi ke Ladoo banane ki Recipe

    Entire India is in a celebration spree for Ganesh Chaturthi that will be celebrated on 13th September this year.  Ganesha – the lord of new things, wisdom, intelligence and the remover of obstacles is known by different names such as Modakpriya, Vigneshwara, Avaneesh and many others. Worshipped at home as well as in pandals the puja is celebrated by offering prayers and prasadam and observing vrata. From Sthapana till Visharjan the deity of the lord is offered sweets and savouries. Among sweets that are served to the lord, Modak makes the most prominent Prasad of this puja. It’s because of His love for these sweet dumplings (modak) the lord is also known as Modakpriya.

    Modaks are available in different variations and are named as per the main ingredient used to prepare the outer layer. This Ganesh Chaturthi you can offer different varieties of modak like Mawa Modak, Chocolate Modak, Malai Modak, Coconut Modak, Fried Modak etc.  Let’s find out the ways in which different varieties of modak are prepared.

    Steamed Modak or Ukadiche Modak

    Steamed Modak or Ukadiche Modak is prepared from Rice flour or maida, jaggery and coconut. The soft outer shell is prepared from maida mixed with khava or rice flour and the inner stuffing is made from dessicated coconut and jaggery.

    Chocolate Modak

    Chocolate Modak is a fusion of chocolate chips, sweetened condensed milk and biscuit crumbs. The dough prepared is given the shape of modak using moulds. Therefore this kind of modak doesn’t require an outer layer and stuffing separately.

    Coconut Modak

    Usually modak stuffing is prepared with coconut. However Coconut Modak is prepared from dry coconut and condensed milk.  To add flavour you can dip it into chocolate. The mould is greased with ghee and the modak is given shape.

    rishta boondi ke ladoo

    Mawa Modak

    In Maharashtra Mawa Modak is called Khavyache Modak that is prepared from khoya. Mawa or khoya forms the outer layer and a mixture of dried figs, dessicated coconut and jaggery form its stuffing.

    Malai Modak

    Paneer and condensed milk make delicious tasting Malai Modak. Kesar is added for flavour. The mixture is cooked in flame for 7-8 mins and made into a dough.  After kneading the dough smooth it is given the shape of modak with the help of mouldings.  Malai Ladoo can also be prepared from the same dough.

    Soft and delicious boondi ladoos are also offered to Lord Ganesha that is made from besan. There are two types of boondi ladoo. One is soft textured while the other is hard one. The method of preparation is similar to motichoor ladoo just the consistency of the batter and sugar syrup should be right.

    Strain the fried boondi with a boondi ladle and dip them I a sugar syrup. Use melon seeds, cardamom powder, black cardamom, ghee and a pinch of camphor. Ghee binds the boondi well into a ladoo. Garnish the ladoo with raisins and cashews.

    You already have the list of ingredients required to prepare modak and ladoos. Order atta, besan, maida, rice from Rishta at Grofers to prepare the savouries and sweets for Lord Ganesha and offer it to Him on this Ganesh Chaturthi.