Not everything can be controlled by us as prevention against certain things. But keeping our body healthy is in our hands.  Making some smart food choices and keeping a non-sedentary lifestyle can keep you away from many diseases and can improve your immune system. Cancer, one of the deadliest medical conditions today, is a group of disease involving a deviation from normal cell growth that has a potential to spread in other body parts.

    The causes are many but if you are fighting from cancer or have a history of cancer in the family, here are a few things that you should know, to avoid cancer-

    Firstly, focus on cancer fighting fruits and vegetables, because they have fats that are unhealthy, nutrients to fight cancer and extra fiber. These work together and help make the immune system strong. A minimum of five servings of fruits and vegetables, every day, will help fight cancer. Plant based food like sprouts, carrot, broccoli, spinach, beans decrease the risk of cancer. Having oranges, dark leafy veggies, bell peppers, dark chocolates etc will help your body immensely. Add them in some easy breakfast recipes, lunch and dinner recipes as well for a maintained diet.

    Secondly, increase the fiber intake by eating brown rice, white bread, bran muffin, popcorn, fresh fruits, and potatoes with skin. Avoid fried items and drink plenty of water!

    Thirdly, cut down processed and red meat by keeping it minimal. We are not telling you to convert into a vegetarian, but just lower the consumption of processed or industrial meat. Although it is recommended to have more vegetables and fruits, a healthy or organic meat would be fine to convert to. Have these with beans or cooked vegetables.

    Fourthly, healthy preparation of food is an important part of the meal. Washing fruits and vegetables before you eat, steaming them slightly before cooking using minimum water, adding beneficial flavors to the food like garlic, rosemary, turmeric, coriander, ginger, curry powder which are proven cancer-fighting elements. They also add brilliant taste to the food.

    Fifthly, exercise regularly or do yoga for at least half an hour and avoid bad habits like smoking and drinking.

    Carcinogens are substances or radiation that directly causes cancer. They damage the metabolic system or disrupt the genome.

    Some tips to avoid carcinogens:

    • Don’t cook on heated cooking oil. Instead of deep frying, pan frying food; use steaming, boiling, baking or broiling.
    • Store oil in a dark and cool place within airtight containers.
    • Throw away smelly, stale, old food. They contain strong carcinogens called aflatoxins.
    • Stay alert about the utensils you use in microwave. Use microwave safe ovens or cover utensils with waxy papers. Avoid plastics.

    Lastly, try to keep a calm and relaxed mind. Try and meditate. A stressful mind reduces the positive chemical “Oxytocin” from our body which is also a cause of cancer.