Hassle free preparation

“The rice and urad dal in the Ready-made idli Dosa Batter complement each other, making it a complete protein meal” It can be used to make the base of many dishes Its nutrient content is high, calorie content is low and has zero saturated fat & cholesterol The fermentation of idli/dosa batter break down starch into simple sugars, making it easy to digest.

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Hassle free preparation

  • No need of soaking the ingredients in water over night
  • No need of grinding the latter or making a paste
  • No need of mixing it with water/curd/salt
  • No need of fermenting it for hours
  • No added baking soda or preservatives


  • Made from best quality Rice and Urad daal from South
  • Made from RO-purified water to ensure purity in the best form
Preparation Image
Preparation Image


The best part is that there is NO INSTRUCTION only, because:

  • NO need of SOAKING ingredients in water
  • NO need of GRINDING or making paste
  • NO need of MIXING it with water
  • NO need of FERMENTING it for hours


  • Easy ZIP-LOCK pouch to keep batter fresh after every usage
  • STANDEE POUCH for easy storage in refrigerator, NO need of POURING in another container
  • The POUCH can be washed and reused for storing dips, chutneys etc. due to its SHAPE and ZIP-LOCK
Preparation Image
Preparation Image


  • Ideal for making IDLY, DOSA, All types of PITHAS, UTTAPAM etc.
  • Makes 20-24 standard size IDLY
  • Makes 15-18 standard size DOSAS


  • 100% Natural
  • NO ADDED CHEMICAL or Artificial preservatives
  • Overnight fermented batter
  • Older batter is good because of NATURAL FERMENTATION hence makes softer Idli and Crunchier Dosas
Preparation Image