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    Idli the Healthiest Indian Breakfast-Myth or Truth

    Idli is basically a kind of steamed dish which is made using black gram and rice in a ratio of 2: 0.75. Since idli is a steamed dish it does not contain fat other than small amounts of oil used for greasing the mould. Therefore, idli is considered healthy and it is actually healthy in originality. It is a South Indian dish which is generally taken for breakfast. For many individuals it is not a healthy dish because of its sugar rich sustenance. However, it has been proved through studies and even over time that idli is probably one of the healthiest Indian breakfasts.

    Why is Idli Healthy and Beneficial?

    Idli is truly beneficial and the health benefits offered by Idli go above those offered by corn chips and oats. One of the greatest health benefits offered by idlis is that they do not contain any additives. There are no additional substances added to this dish. Idli is prepared through steaming and therefore there is complete absence of additional fat in this dish. According to analysts, steamed nourishment is one of the best things for the digestive system. Idlis are simple to be processed and light at the same time. apart from this, it should also be noted that idli is a very rich source of carbohydrates and probiotics. The probiotics contained in idli are extremely important for the proper well being of an individual. There are no minerals or vitamins present in this dish which ultimately brings down the measure of starches. This resultantly gives this dish a very superior proportion of protein. In a way, idli is low in calories and therefore the nourishment offered by this dish is exemplary. Another important factor that is noteworthy about this dish is that it can be digested very easily. People might not feel any kind of inconvenience in digesting this dish.

    Nutrient Amount Per Idli

    Below, we will have a look at the nutrient amount 3 to 4 idlis:

    • 33 mg calcium
    • 315 g carbohydrate
    • 05 mg fat
    • 16 mg iron
    • 14 mg vitamin B3
    • 08 mg vitamin B2
    • 14 mg vitamin B1
    • 05 mg vitamin A
    • 67 g protein
    • 157 calories

    Idlis are quite light on the digestive system and it is best to have idli made from readymade idli batter.

    There can be absolutely no doubt in the fact that idli is one of the healthiest breakfast dishes because of its rich content of carbohydrates and also because of low calories. There are many varieties of Indian dishes that are taken for breakfast but there is nothing that can outweigh the healthy and the proper nutrient quantity provided by idli. It is only because of its low calories and great nutritious side that idli is not only a popular dish in South India but even across different states throughout India. This dish is very well sought after by people living in different parts of India. There are even states where people take it as a dish for lunch or even dinner.