• Idli dosa batter

    How to Make Idli Dosa Batter with a Grinder

    Ingredients required to prepare idlis using a grinder

    Raw Rice – 1 cup

    Puzhukal ari (Boiled Rice) – 4 cups

    Urad Dal – 1.25 cup

    These are the key things required to make a soft and fluffy idli, as well as, how well you grind the above.
    First get a wet grinder. Remember to soak both the types of rice for 6-7 hours. Soak Urad dal as well, but not more than 1 hour. Then start the grinding with the urad dal. Please add very little bit of water as you start the grinding process. Once it grinds to a nice paste, keep adding on water, but by little amount each time- not at once. You would notice that the dough will start to expand. The volume literally becomes thrice the original amount. If your dough is not rising, then that means you have soaked it for a longer period of time. It will be done once the batter becomes airy and light.

    Next start with grinding the rice. Add little bit more water then you did in the urad dal, as rice is quite dense. Grind it completely. This is where you will feel how easy the task is with a grinder.

    For idli, usually rice batter should have a coarse texture but for starters even if you grind fine it’s going to be alright. Everything will be fine as long as the urad dal batter is soft and airy its fine. As you do this repeatedly & get used to it you can stop the rice grinding at a coarse level.

    Next step is to mix both the batter, as well as, the salt & keep it overnight. Make the idli the next day. Then it should be really soft.

    Like with most things, practise makes things perfect, so don’t lose heart if your first attempt ends up with rock solid idli

    For dosa, the proportions of ingredients are almost same

    Boiled rice – 3 cups

    Raw rice – 1 cup

    Urad dal – 1 cup

    1 table spoon of fenugreek seeds

    Here’s a simple tip- make the idli batter and then use it for dosa on the 2nd and 3rd day. It comes out very well. Of course, it takes time & time is literally the most precious thing in the modern world. So you can even avail for the readymade idli and dosa mix, which you can get in the market itself.