• Sooji pizza

    Making Yummy Sooji Pizza

    There will be hardly any Indian who is not familiar with the Indian dish sooji ka halwa. This popular Indian sweet dish is loved by most of the habitat and had successfully made its position in every Indian cuisine whether there are occasions or not.
    Even from the very beginning of our childhood, we are made accustomed to sooji. Doctors prescribe sooji to the toddlers as that is good for the appetite of the little ones.
    May it be the smaller ones or the bigger ones; sooji is the acceptable food ingredient for each and every generation. Some other popular sooji dishes are rava dosa, rava uttapam, upma, dhokla and much more to name. Sooji becomes the base food ingredient for many of the popular and tasty dishes cooked in India. Besides dishes made by sooji are easy to cook and being made in a very less time, it is also very easily digestible.
    From snacks to dessert and from breakfast to lunch, sooji can be used for making tastier foods. Though there are lots of recipe present that can be made with sooji and both, today in this article I am going to share one yummy recipe made with sooji.
    Pizza, the Italian dish, has won the heart of thousands of Indians in the past few years and gradually it has become the most favourite food for all generations. Making the bread is often the most difficult part of the recipe faced while making pizza. Here a more easy way to make your kids (also the elder ones) happy with the sooji pizza.

    Sooji Pizza with Rishta Rava

    For making the bread:
    Sooji – 1 ½ cup
    Plain Yogurt – 1 cup
    Soda – 1 tsp
    For the stuffing:
    Chopped Onion – 2 small sliced

    Tomatoes – 2 small
    Carrot – 2 finely chopped
    Green capsicum – 2 small finely chopped
    Green chillies – 2 pieces
    Black pepper powder
    Tomato sauce
    Chilli sauce
    Salt to taste

    Take a bowl. Pour the whole quantity of sooji. Add yoghurt and salt to it; mix well. Keep the batter aside for 15-20 minutes. Open the lid and add water if the batter gets thicker after uncovering it. Put ¼ cup of the mixture and add ¼ tsp of soda to it; mix it well.
    Take a non-stick pan, grease it with oil. When the pan gets medium hot; pour the mixture on it. Avoid spreading of the mixture; cover the pan and wait for a few seconds. After 3 minutes, turn the bread. On top of the bread pour 1 tsp of tomato sauce and ½ spoon of chilli sauce. Spread the sauces; nicely arrange all the remaining ingredients. Sprinkle black pepper on top. Spread a thick layer of cheese on top and cover the pan. After 3 minutes remove the lid and serve your hot yummy pizza.