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    Masala Dosa’ Among Top 10 ‘Must-try’ Dishes in the World

    Sampling local cuisines can be of good help in making friends, in understanding the history of a place and also in understanding the religion and the politics of the place that you are visiting. This offers a lasting memory of the trip. Travel and food go hand in hand and there is not better method of delving deep into a particular destination than trying the most popular dishes of the place. Irrespective of the fact that where you are travelling across the world, there are different cultures that you might come across and all the different cultures have their own version of the food that they serve. Here, we will be talking about Masala Dosa which is one of the most popular South Indian dishes. This dish is not only popular in India but even throughout the world. It can be prepared with home ingredients or instant dosa batter from the brand Rishta which is easily available in the market can also be used for preparing the dish.

    Why is Masala Dosa Famous throughout the World?

    Masala Dosa is a very popular South Indian dish that has successfully made to the list of the Top 10 Must-Try dishes in the world. This dish that has been created by a travel blog for newspapers includes different dishes from throughout the world serving as a must-try for the travelers. Masala Dosa is an important inclusion in this list alongside BBQ Ribs from the United States, Teppanyaki which is from Japan and Peking Duck-a dish from China. Masala Dosa is a dish that features a plate covered with paper-thin pancake made using lentils and rice. This dish is cooled to complete lacy perfection on a hot griddle. It also includes a spices blend of cooked and mashed potatoes along with fried onions. The dish is served with a dose of chutney made from coconut. It is the sheer taste of this dish that has helped it in making a place in the list of top 10 dishes to try before you die. Other inclusions of the list are Escargots from France which are snails eaten in the form of an appetizer and served in a shell. This dish is cooked in delicious garlicky parsley butter. Another inclusion in this list is Moussaka from Greece. This dish is very similar to Italian lasagne. It is made by smothering layers of different ingredients in cheese béchamel sauce. It is baked until it turns melted creamy golden. The other important inclusions in this list are laksa- a seafood curry from Malaysia, Zucchini flowers- a dish from Italy, green papaya salad called Som tam from Thailand and an Australian dish called Pavlova. This dish is also popular in New Zealand.

    From the above illustration, it can rightly be concluded that Masala Dosa is one famous Indian dish that has made its presence felt in the entire world. This dish is popular throughout the world and there are a large number of people who have it regularly because of its taste & nutrition and also because of the style in which it is presented.