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    Meal Plan for Every Guy

    Guys who want to lose fat, stay healthy or bulk up will need a regular meal plan that is goal specific in order to get the best results. The first thing that a guy needs to do is come up with a grocery list for whipping up nutritious and delicious meals throughout the year. They should try stocking up their pantry and fridge with the nutritious foods featured on their grocery list in order to achieve the best results when it comes to staying healthy. Always keep in mind that the composition of your regular meals is determined by your exercise timing and your goals.

    Grocery List

    Guys with specific weight loss or muscle build up plans need to consume more starchy carbohydrates and fewer fats both before and after workouts for promoting muscle growth and energy. On the other hand, by removing hours from their workout and limiting their intake of starch and increasing fat, they can meet their fat loss objectives. For the intake of starchy carbohydrates, meal options are:

    • Starches like quinoa, oats, potatoes, brown rice, bread and wraps.
    • Protein like egg whites, white meat, whole eggs, Greek yogurt, white fish and protein powders.
    • Legumes, vegetables and fruits
    • Oils

    For the intake of meals without starchy carbohydrates, the options include:

    • Protein like eggs, red meat, white fish or oily fish, protein powders, Greek yogurt and white meat.
    • Legumes, fruits and vegetables
    • Fats and oils from seeds and nuts, canola, full-fat cheeses, coconut oil, mayonnaise and avocado.

    The Pillars of Nutrition

    Have Small but Regular Meals During the Day

    fuel the body with small but multiple snacks and meals during the day. This helps in controlling blood sugar and in stimulating the production of new muscles.

    Avoid Processed Foods

    Processes foods are high in their calorie content and they are nutrient-poor. Therefore, they should completely be avoided. Instead, you should have homemade idli and dosa prepared using instant idli dosa mix. This would be nutritious and would also offer you the required energy.

    Drink Lots of Water

    The body should remain hydrated in order to function in the best way. Drink lots of water and other beverages that are calorie-free. This will not hamper your performance in the gym.

    Have Lean Protein

    Offer your body some protein every couple of hours. This helps in maximizing the growth of muscles and in stimulating the release of hormones that support the fat burning procedure.

    Have Carbs Strategically

    There are two types of carbs and you must have them strategically. The non-starchy carbs can be enjoyed always while the starchy carbs should be consumed as per timing. The starchy carbs will help you in getting and in maintaining a muscular and lean body but you should have them strategically. Try having starchy carbs either early in the morning or just after the workouts. This will have your body using them for refueling its energy reserves.

    By having a clear understanding of the pillars of nutrition and the contents of the grocery list for regular meals, guys can always achieve their weight loss and muscle build up goals.