• Home made dosa

    Mouth-watering Homemade Dosa You Should Never Miss

    We all have heard of dosa and had this south Indian delicacy once in our life time. While dosa is generally made from a batter of rice and urad you can make your own batter by using different variants in the batter. Let’s explore different kinds of dosa that you can savour apart from the quintessential rice and urad dosa.

    Have you heard of Neer dosa? Compared to steamed idli, this makes a more indulgent meal. A delicacy of Karnataka, this dosa is made with a runny rice batter. Preparing this crispy dosa does not require more time for soaking and fermentation.

    Wheat dosas are deliciously soft made with whole wheat flour and urad dal. Fermenting the batter for half an hour, would make diabetic friendly dosas.

    One of the delicacies of Mumbai, Schezuan Chopsuey Dosa is a mouth-watering delight. The potato stuffing of masala dosa is replaced with a tongue-tickling Schezuan Chopsuey. A fusion of south Indian and Chinese couldn’t have been better than this.

    Crisp Rava Dosa are made from a batter of semolina and buttermilk. It is a perfect snack you can resort to if a sudden guest drops in home. Add chopped onion, green chillies, cashew and spices to make it tasty and crispy.

    An innovative recipe of dosa with moong sprouts could be tried out if you hate having bland instead of soaked moong. The healthiness of sprouts with the taste of dosa will make Moong Dosa your child would love to have.

    Held together with curd and water the batter made with rice flour, semolina and plain flour makes real crispy dosa.  Moru Moru dosa gets its amazing flavour by adding green chillies and coconut, and an aromatic tempering.

    You can always try Rishta idli dosa batter with instant carrot mix to meet your hunger pangs in a healthy-tasty way.