• Multi-grain Atta

    Multi-grain Atta

    What is Multi-Grain?

    The name ‘multi-grain’ itself implies more than one grain. A mixture of grains like barley, millet, flax and oats, as well as certain seeds, such as flaxseed, quinoa or sunflower seeds can make multi-grain flour. “Whole grain” flour means that all parts of the grain kernel are used – endosperm, germ and bran. Majority of the nutrients are found in whole grain food which is why whole-grain foods are so much in demand. That being said, most multi-grain food items are also whole-grain.

    Why Is It Good For You?

    Multi-grain products are held in high esteem for being great sources of dietary fibre, as well as certain nutrients, vitamins and minerals. It also includes significant levels of selenium, manganese and vitamin B.

    Bran, endosperm and germ are rich in dietary fibre that play a vital role in digestion. Fibre makes roughage that helps in clearing the bowel thus eliminating conditions like constipation, bloating, cramping and indigestion.

    Fibre helps to meet a good heart health. It can effectively “scrape” excess LDL cholesterol from the body, and reduce chances of developing atherosclerosis and blood clot issues. Thus having multi-grain food can lower the risk of heart attack or stroke. Dietary fibre also helps to prevent diabetes.

    Rich in minerals, multi-grain food items have high levels of manganese and selenium, as well as notable levels of copper, iron, magnesium, potassium and zinc along with numerous B-family vitamins, such as pantothenic acid, folate, riboflavin and thiamin. Presence of these minerals help with cognitive function (manganese) along with boosting the immune system and improving fertility (selenium).

    Presence of Potassium acts as a vasodilator that helps to lower blood pressure by relaxing the tension of arteries and blood vessels; it also maintains water balance throughout the body. Among others, Copper, Zinc and Phosphorous are needed to build strong bones and combat osteoporosis as we age. Magnesium helps in relaxing the body and mind, eliminating sleep disorders, and help strengthening teeth.

    B-family vitamins of multi grain flour prevent birth defects in children alongside regulating the metabolism and hormone production.

    As people are becoming aware of the health benefits of including different grains and millets like bajra, jowar, makka ragi etc. the cult of consuming multigrain food products is becoming popular.


    Rishta Multi-grain Atta

    Rishta Multi-Grain Atta is a combination of a variety of grains like Wheat, Soya, Maize, Channa and Barley to give that extra boost to your roti. It also helps to reduce the risk of heart disease, improves bone health and helps to prevent cancer. The atta is a rich source of Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fiber, Vitamins and Minerals, that provides wholesome nutrition for the entire family. Besides being a source of natural antioxidants and magnesium, it is rich in essential proteins. Rishta Multi-grain atta improves bone health along with preventing cancer. A good source of Carbohydrates, Fiber, Proteins, Vitamin A and Vitamin B, maize being one of the ingredients in the multi-grain atta, provides a range of antioxidant and digestive benefits to the body. Being low in fat and high in proteins Channa is an outstanding source of minerals such as Iron, Manganese, Folate, Copper, Phosphorous and Zinc. It is very good for diabetic patients.  Rich is insoluble fiber, Barley has numerous health benefits. It lowers the risk of diabetes and arthritis, removes pathogenic bacteria from the body and provides substance and flexibility to bones, joints and blood vessels. It reduces cholesterol level in the body and is very effective against heart diseases as well.

    The key to good health lies in variety, thus multi-grain atta and food products are healthy and nutritious.