• Mysore Masala Dosa

    Mysore Masala Dosa- A Royal Taste Of Health

    South India has no dearth of healthy recipes. And when it comes to dosa, they offer a wide variety.  Mysore masala dosa is a crisp layered dosa with lip smacking potato stuffing inside. And like all Dosa it is too incomplete without chutney, preferably red chutney.

    Soak rice, urad daal, toor daal, for at least four hours. Mix the soaked ingredients with sooji, salt and water. Mix them to make the smooth batter. To make the batter perfect, ferment it overnight.

    Next, to make the potato stuffing, boil and mash the potato. Grind garlic, ginger, green chilli, coriander leaves, and onion to make a smooth paste. Heat oil in the pan and then add mustard seeds. Now fry the onions and add the paste made earlier. To complete the stuffing, add chopped tomato and mashed potato. Mix them well and cook it properly.

    For the red chutney- Roast chana dal till it turns aromatic. Add onion, garlic ginger, and two red chillies into the blender along with the roasted chana dal. Blend all the ingredients into a smooth paste.

    Now for the dosa, heat a dosa  tawa over a medium flame. Drizzle water on the top of tawa to check the heat. Heat oil in a pan and ladle full of batter over it in a circular motion. Repeat the process every time you make the dosa. Remember, the batter must be evenly spread into thin layer so that it covers gap on the surface of the tawa. Drizzle half teaspoon oil around the dosa.

    Cook until it becomes golden brown and crisp. Smear the crepe with red chutney. Add the potato stuffing and fold it carefully.

    Serve the dosa with a dash of  red chutney