• Rishta Basmati Rice

    Apart from the empire’s invasions, the Mughals are also known for their lavish cuisine prepared from rice and grilled meats. Biryani is historically associated with the Mughal Empire and is believed to have traveled from Persia via Afghanistan down to Northern India.

    We all love to have a plate full of biryani, the meat in it might vary as per the choice of your taste bud but there’s something that’s common among all the biryani types. It’s the long rich grain of basmati rice that is the king of the preparation. Among all types of rice Basmati rice is the most preferred for its aromatic smell and smooth texture. Basmati rice means “fragrant” in Hindi. It originated in India and most of its sub-continents as early as 1766 which was later on introduced by Indian traders to the Middle East and the rest of this part of Asia.

    For its popularity Biryani rice has become an important part of any occasion in different parts of the world. Let’s explore the variety of biryani prepared from the same Basmati rice.

    Beef Biryani – The meat used for the preparation of beef biryani is of course beef. A famous cuisine of Kerala this biryani is cooked with small cubes of beef meat with lots of tomatoes. Tomatoes, onions and needless to say the special basmati rice imparts aroma to his preparation.

    Kacchi Biryani – This biryani is cooked either with chicken or mutton meat or rarely with fish and prawns. After marinating the meat in yoghurt it is layered with rice and other ingredients to add to the aromatic flavor of the dish.

    Tehari Biryani – For the vegans too biryani could be savored with a great delight. It is prepared with a lot of vegetables especially potatoes. Herbs and spices together add the same aromatic biryani even in the absence of any meat.

    Whatever may be the preparation, Basmati rice is ubiquitously present in any variety of biryani. In this regard premium grade Rishta pure Basmati Rice is worth mentioning. It is made from the finest handpicked rice grains that is processed using modern technology of the highest standard. It’s unmatched quality makes not just biryani but every meal a ‘royal experience’.