• Rishta idli dosa batter

    Servings of South Indian Delights with Readymade Idli Dosa Batter

    The foremost purpose of this article is to answer one of the most common questions- ‘how to make idli dosa batter? ’, that pops into the minds of any amateur cook who is willing to try his or her hands in making the staple food of South India.
    Preparation of Idli Dosa batter involves soaking, grinding and fermenting.

    • In the first step you need to soak all the ingredients – Parboiled rice and Urad Dal (lentil. The rice needs to be soaked for 6-7 hours and the Urad dal for a time span of 1 hour. The ratio of the rice and Urad dal should be 3:1.

    • Now, after having soaked all the ingredients for the recommended duration of time, as soon as you find all the grains quite plumped up, you can begin with the grinding of the urad dal. You need to carefully add water into the soaked lentil little by little as you grind it so as to turn the urad dal into a fine paste. Grinding it well with the perfect amount of water will make the batter turn smoother and you will also notice the batter expanding and appearing fluffy.

    • As the urad paste is done, you can store it aside in a container and move on to grinding the rice into a paste following the same way by adding just the needed quantity of water.

    • The final step for you will be to combine both the rice and urad dal batter, add salt to the mixture as per your taste and store it overnight.

    Finally, the fermented batter is ready to be made into delicious idli cakes or dosas.
    Undoubtedly freshly fermented idlis are great to enjoy. However, having said that, it needs to be stated that readymade idli and dosa mix conveniently cuts the whole batter preparation process time in half providing you the same ravishment.

    Rishta Idli Dosa batter

    • All you need to do is add water in the correct proportion to the mix well; since, the instant  idli dosa batter contains all the necessary ingredients in correct proportion, your batter will be ready in a minute or two.

    • Next, you can effortlessly pour and spread the batter onto a hot greased tawa into dosa. The same batter can also be used in the preparation of idlis.
    If you are a working individual, then this batter is definitely a lifesaver for you as you can easily make use of this instant mix and prepare a quick morning breakfast, a mid-day snack or a light evening delicacy. Whether it is just a regular daily meal or a very special occasion at your place, you just simply need to follow the step by step guidelines stated on the pack and prepare the most delectable South Indian dishes for yourself and your family members within minutes!