• Crispy dosa

    Start Off Your Day with a Cool Stomach

    Ah! Darn it, its summer again! If you share the same emotion about summer as found in our country, I or for that matter anyone else, can only wholeheartedly agree with you. In order to fight it out throughout the hot tropical Indian summer day what you need is a not only good but rather a great start. Yes, we are talking about breakfast food.

    Morning Shows the Day:

    The breakfast sets the mood for how the rest of the day evolves. And as such you just have to ensure that it’s a healthy, fresh start with healthy food. Considering the sweltering day outside you should really consider South Indian home cooked food. It is nutritious as well as lets you chill in the heat by the conspicuous absence of overburdening spices. My recommendation to help you beat the rising Celsius is to opt for something like the idli dosa batter brought to you by Rishta Foods.

    Give Your Day a Fresh Start:

    It has all the goodness of food that is cooked right at home. Combine that with the convenience provided by ready to be cooked batter and you start off your day fresh, dil se hamesha!

    Home Cooked South Indian Food:

    Idli and dosa provide a lingering pleasantness for your taste buds sans the unnecessary burden of too much spicy food. In the summer, it is a great idea to kick off the day that both fills your appetite and provides you with the required nutrition as well without making you feel heavy in the slightest respect.

    The breakfast is of particular importance in how finally your day shapes up as we have mentioned earlier. And in the summer, what you need to give you a balanced start is something just like idli or dosa. Cooking the same is made easy with the products brought to you dil se hamesha by Rishta Foods.