• Healthy Food for Women

    Top Fitness Tips for Working Women

    These days, women are no longer kitchen and home bound. The scenario of the yesteryear’s is old-fashioned and outdated and it does exist in the present times. The women of the modern times are self-dependent and they not only possess the ability of handling their homes but also their careers. They are adept at managing their personal growth in all spheres of life. However, because of this complete reversal of role, there are many women who seem to suffer from poor fitness and obesity. Due to their busy schedules and the need to constantly juggle between office and home, women do not find the time to practice fitness exercises. In this case, complaining would not solve the problem. Real steps need to be taken in this field and some tips that can be useful for women have been summarized below:

    Stay Active All Through the Day

    Talk and walk with a hands-free if possible. Try standing up during meetings or you can even choose to work while standing. Lunch breaks should be used for taking short walks. These can help in making up the mind and in staying active throughout the day.

    Have some Healthy Snacks

    Most women generally have the habit of snacking all through the day. This might be a bad habit but it can easily be changed into a good habit if women bulk up on healthy snacks. Healthy snacks like homemade idli and dosa prepared from original dosa & idli batter can help women in staying away from different lifestyle diseases.

    Effective Exercising is Important

    Women must always choose an effective and result-oriented exercise pattern as per their own convenience. Strength training is best for working women. They should practice strength training for minimum twenty minutes twice during the week. Interval training such as running and walking can also help in toning up a woman’s body.

    Have Healthy Breakfast

    Women especially the ones who work should maintain a balanced and proper diet including workouts for staying fit and healthy. They should have different types of vegetables and fruits for breakfast. This is because fresh fruits containing glucose can help in keeping then away from sweet cravings. Dry fruits can also be included in breakfast as they provide a lot of energy. Sometimes, even idli, dosa & uttapam can be tried for breakfast. This would make way for a good change.

    Stay Hydrated

    Water in large quantities is important for the proper functioning of the body. Women should always drink water at regular intervals in order to avoid dehydration.

    Reduce the Intake of Refined Carbohydrates

    You must always reduce the intake of refined carbohydrates such as chocolates, cookies, white rice and honey. This is because such foods increase the level of blood sugar and produce more insulin resulting in the accumulation of fat within the body.

    Apart from the above mentioned tips, one most important tip that working women need to keep in mind in order to stay fit and healthy is being happy always. This is one tip that will surely change things for them.