Uttapam- A Lip-Smacking Treat from South India

Ooththappa, or Uttapam or Uthappa is a south India dish that is very similar to a dosa. It is made by cooking different ingredients in a batter. Dissimilar to a dosa, which is crepe-like and crisp, uttapam appears in the form of a very thick pancake with toppings which are cooked into the batter. Tagged as Indian Pizza, uttapam is a favored breakfast dish in South India. It can be made very easily and is made even better with its very own aromatic presence. It is made using a tangy mixture of different ingredients making it a healthy breakfast in the morning. The batter for uttapam is made using rice and urad dal in 1:3 ratio. The rice and the dal are ground and fermented subsequently. The dish is traditionally made with toppings like chillies, onion, cabbage and capsicum mix, tomatoes and other choices like mixed vegetables and coconut. It is generally eaten with chutney or sambar.


For Uttapams Preparation- "Rishta 8 minute Uttapam"

Preparation time- 8 minutes

Add little water to the batter and mix well. Heat a completely flat griddle & rub some Rishta Ghee or Rishta cooking oil on it. Now pour some batter on the griddle and spread it in a thick circle using a ladle. Cook it on the other side as well. Now, it is time for you to sprinkle onion mixture on the uttapam and then overturn it. Cook it in the same manner and when it is fully roasted, put it on a plate. You can serve your lip-smacking Rishta uttapam to the guests while accompanying it with some Rishta range of pickles. You can also serve it with chutney.