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    Is a Vegan Diet Better for the Environment?

    Processed meats like bacon and ham can cause cancer and this has been reported by the World Health Organisation. According to studies, 50 g of processes meat per day can increase the chances of suffering from bowel cancer by around 18%. So, it is very important to cut out meat from one’s daily diet especially if you want to live a healthy life. On the other hand, vegan diet can be of good help in weight management because of the rich fibre content of plant-based foods. There are other chronic diseases that can also be treated by resorting to a vegan diet. a vegan diet also helps in offering the skin a nice and healthy glow.

    The Advantages of being Vegan over Meat

    There are some specific advantages of being vegan over meat and we will have a look at them below:

    Vegan Diet Safeguards Heart Health

    Vegan diet is quite low in its content of fibre and it is rich in potassium content. Therefore, it can help in lowering blood pressure, improving total cholesterol and in reducing the chances of stroke and heart attacks. For reaping the best benefits of a vegan diet, meals can be based around healthy food groups like whole grains, vegetables, legumes and fruits.

    Vegan Diet also Helps in Preventing Cancer

    Different types of cancers can easily be prevented by way of lifestyle changes which will include having a vegan diet. a vegan diet is of good help in preventing different cancers because of its rich fibre content. fibre is the ingredient that shows the cancer intruders in the body the way out. Dietary fibre consumed by an individual helps in reducing the chances of having a polyp in the colon by around 9%. Good sources of antioxidant packed and fibre-filled cruciferous vegetables are cabbage, kale and broccoli.

    Vegan Diet is Beneficial for Gut Health

    Vegan diet also helps in supporting the proper health of the fut. It supports the immune system, reduces inflammation and even regulates ghrelin which is the hunger hormone. The fermented varieties of vegetarian foods like Kimchi, tempeh and water kefir can be used for diversifying gut bacteria and taking one’s health to an extremely high level.

    Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes

    Diet change is the first step that can be taken towards treating diabetes. Vegan diet is rich in plant-based foods and is low in its content of fat. This type of diet supplies the human body with the healthy fuel needed for keeping the levels of blood sugar stable. In this scenario, it can rightly be pointed out that idli or dosa prepared from readymade idli and dosa mix can always work wonders for people who look forward to having a healthy body.

    Effect of Vegan Diet on the Environment

    Apart from having numerous health advantages for the human body, vegan diet is also helpful in safeguarding the environment. It not only offers improved health results but also helps in reducing an individual’s carbon footprint on the environment, thus leaving the environment with renewable energy.

    From the above illustration, it can rightly be concluded that vegan diet is one of the best diets for people who want to live a healthy life on a healthy planet.