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    Our Food Choices affect our health every day. Our selection of cuisines always  defines our lifestyle. Perfect diet chart and proper exercises are essentially required in order to live a healthy life. Following a particular daily routine can help to prevent chronic diseases. But for most of us, it is  quite  difficult to avoid  junk foods and  maintain a healthy diet plan. With the increasing stress and  hectic schedules, it is extremely important to have a proper lifestyle.

    Now that you know the requirements, try to make smart food choices and eat healthy. Unhealthy eating habits or irregular time of eating can result in serious obesity problems. Even for people with a healthy weight can have serious health issues like hypertension, diabetes, weight gain, and other chronic diseases. By eating healthy foods  you are likely to get the proper nutrients in order to stay strong and active.

    You should never skip the breakfast, the most important meal of a day. Healthy living is the way to go, but what are the food choices that incorporate health with taste? Eatables like Broccoli, green-leafy vegetables, tomatoes and citrus fruits are some items that can turn any dish tasty and healthy. Whenhealthy breakfast recipes are discussed then there are a range of options. Mentioning some of the healthy Indian dishes would be  idli, dosa , frozen fruits and smoothies.

    Idli is the healthiest option to choose from the list of items available. It  is a savory cake, which is made up of black lentils, white rice and  a pinch of salt. The steaming processes involved in the preparation of idles without oil, make it such a healthy option. The low calorie recipe is a good choice that comes within affordable ranges. In today’s  fast and busy  lifestyle, easy to prepare food options are the best to opt for. The Rishta idli mix is one of the best products in the market. You can prepare  idles at home within a few minutes.

    These are the steps that should be followed in order to have the perfect instant idli batter recipe. The ingredients  come  in easy to remove packs. The contents of the pack can be poured into a bowl and mixed with water. The mixture should be stirred until it reaches the correct consistency. After the consistency is reached, the batter should be prepared by following the exact recipe. The perfect idles will be prepared within a few minutes.